Group Mat classes are perfect for those who have no serious injuries or conditions that require specific attention.

We offer Mat classes at different levels to reflect the pace, challenge and complexity of the Pilates exercises used in each class. This ensures there is a class that is right for you.

Level 1 – This is a low impact class that focuses on good form and technique but that will deliver a gentle all-over workout to leave you feeling stretched and energised

Level 2 – This is a faster paced, more flowing class that will work you a bit harder. You will continue to focus on your technique and skills as you work through the repertoire of Pilates exercises.

Level 3 – This is a challenging class that moves at a fast pace and utilises many of the more advanced exercises in the Pilates repertoire to test your technique and skills further. This class is not suitable for those who are new to Pilates

Pilates For Men – Although men are welcomed in ALL mat classes, the Pilates for Men class focuses on the elements of Pilates that are of particular benefit to men. The class is taught by Tony and is open to men of all ages, physical ability and Pilates experience.

Express Mat – This fast paced class is designed and timed to fit into your busy day. Whether it is an early morning class before work, or slotted into a one hour lunchbreak this 40 minute class will leave you refreshed and re-energised to face the rest of the day

All Mat classes are primarily done on the Pilates Mat, however we will often incorporate the use of ‘small equipment’ such as the Pilates Ring, foam rollers, small balls or hand weights. These add challenge to the classes and make them ‘interesting’!