Beginner Group Classes

Newcomers to Pilates classes at The Pilates Studio MUST attend at least one block of Beginner classes. Over the course of a Beginner block you will learn the basic principles and techniques of Pilates and the repertoire of basic Pilates exercises. The class is perfect for anyone who is free from major injuries or pain. The class is a ‘gateway’ to the other classes on offer at the Pilates Studio.

Initial Private Session

In some cases it may be appropriate to attend an initial private session prior to joining a Beginner Group Class. If you have a condition or injury that needs 1:1 attention we would strongly recommend you book an initial Private Session before joining a class. Your teacher will be able to discuss your aims and objectives and suggest how best to proceed, whether in a class or with further private tuition.

New Client Registration Form

Before commencing classes at The Pilates Studio every client will be asked to complete a ‘New Client Registration Form’. This form gives you an opportunity to provide us with any information about you and your background that might impact on your Pilates practise.